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Nasomatto Baraonda



Nasomatto was established in 2007 by Alessandro Gualtieri – ‘The Nose’. He has a great respect for the raw ingredients and believes that revealing them would limit and mislead the smelling process. The Nose wants the smeller to interpret the fragrance in their own personal way by becoming one with the scent.

Extrait de parfum 30ml

Baraonda was inspired by the book “Moscow-Petushki”. The fragrance reflects the alcoholic main character’ s journey by train around Moscow, his only joy is drinking alcohol. Baraonda surrounds you with a mixture of hot and aromatic notes, the scent of old barrels with a fruity aftertaste. Suggesting the warming influence of whisky and cognac and how appropriate – this scent is 100% natural…you can drink it.

The bottle and cap are a meaningful part of the whole scent concept. The cap of the Baraonda bottle is made of Portuguese and Italian cork, a reference to bottling elements of alcoholic beverages.


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