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Orto Parisi Cuoium 50ml


In the first
years of ‘900, a young Vincenzo Parisi left
Malaria-infested Apulia, to move to Genoa
and work as a shoemaker.
It was there that he created his first and
only pair of leather shoes that lasted to
his very last days.
Mend and never change, their soul is Always intact .

Cuoium di Orto Parisi is a tribute to courage and willpower to move forward , to repair instead of replace , and to care for one’s heritage .

THE CAP is made of rusty metal,
characterized by an original logo carved
on vegetable-conceived leather.

THE BOTTLE is the first in the Orto Parisi
line to be presented with a removable and
reusable coating in vegetable-conceived

Cuoium …. Leather , incense , violet & mandarin . Animalic , masculine and woody . An ode to the ancestral know -how with leather crafts

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Bergamask, Boccanera, Brutus, Cuoium, Megamare, Seminalis, Stercus, Terroni, Viride


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