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Orto Parisi Seminalis


Alessandro Gualtieri is the designer of Orto Parisi who developed this range with the key theme of freshness. While there is many smells which embody this idea, Alessandro wanted to expand the parameters to include the natural and common smells of life, which nowadays are mostly covered or over-deodorised. In this range he has uncapped the real smells of life.

The Orto Parisi bottle is inspired by a flask, while the bottle cap is made from solid and heavy products creating a tactile and real experience. This perfume is packaged in brown box that opens like a lotus flower, signifying the beginning of life.

This is the fragrance of life. Seminalis is based on a study which discovered during the conception of life, scent is what draws the attraction of the egg and the sperm. It is this scent which is similar to lily of the valley and this perfume is all about the attraction of the opposite sex.

Notes: Creamy, Dry & Floral
50 ML Extrait du parfum (This the highest concentration of a scent)
Bottle Cap: Tumbled silver metal with semitransparent bakelite.


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