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Pesci Cinque silver plated bracelet


Creation Process

Pesci Che Volano’s jewellery is created using the ancient lost-wax method – a creative technique dating back over 5000 years and still used in design production today. It involves several steps, from carving a design out of wax through to filling, grounding and sandblasting each jewellery piece into a distinctive and ornate design. Unique symbols are then hand carved into each individual piece while irregularities and imperfections ensure no two are exactly the same.

Once found its wearer, each piece will take on its own lustre and individual patterns and markings depending on who wears them, making the jewellery as much a part of their story as that of its creators. The skin’s natural oils help maintain its deep, rich colour and gloss over time.

Made in Italy.


Silver plated bangle handmade in a small atelier in Florence.

Designed and crafted to create a rustic, antique feel.

Size medium

Can be worn on wrist or higher up as a cuff

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S, M, L


Pesci Che Volano


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