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Pesci Rete Bangle Plated


Handmade Solid Silver Bangle

Made in Florence, Italy


The Pesci che Volano jewellery collection is handmade using the ancient lost-waxcasting method in a small atelier in Florence, Italy.

For the past 20 years, its team of designers and craftsmen has strived to maintain their natural creative process and a timeless taste for essential forms.The bronze used to produce the jewellery pieces gives them a rustic, antique feel while their intricate details bear some resemblance to Etruscan works.Unique symbols are hand carved into each individual piece while irregularities and imperfections ensure no two designs are exactly the same.This collection of statement rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants combines bronze with materials including ebony and silver to create an ornate, yet understated style.Being an alloy made of copper and tin, bronze possesses the desirable characteristics of both these metals.The skin’s natural oils help maintain its deep,rich colour and gloss over time.The name Pesci Che Volano (‘flying fish’), was inspired by a triptych altar piece painted by Dutch draughtsman Hieronymus Bosch, where human figures ride flyingfish.This image is a metaphor for the triumph of fantasy over reality and a constant reminder of the need to set our imagination free.

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